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Rumor: John Connor Meets An Alarming Fate In Terminator 4

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ain't It Cool News claims to have gotten wind of the ending to robot-apocalypse film Terminator 4, which just started shooting. If it's true, it could set up some very weird directions in the fifth and sixth movies, which Christian Bale is already signed up for. And it would make the Terminator saga even more twisty and tangly than it already is. Spoilers avast.

Here's the rumor: Marcus Wright is a man who's executed on death row in 2003. His body is donated to science and collected by Project Angel, a project of the evil cybernetic intelligence Skynet. Marcus is reanimated, but with a Terminator skeleton. His organs are all still there and pumping, but he's now half-Terminator. At the end of the movie, John Connor is killed in battle fighting a T800. Not wanting the hope of humanity to die with Connor's body, the leaders of the resistance rip off Marcus' skin and replace it with Connor's. Now Marcus has Connor's face and body. Gross.


Although Ain't It Cool News proclaims this ending is only an rumor, the plot seems to line up with the past reporting. First the news was leaked that there will be a new Terminator with a endo-skeleton and the fact that Marcus' character was a man whose last memory is of being on death row. So it's very possible that this could be the real ending. It would also give Christian Bale a lot to work with in the last two movies. [Ain't it Cool News]