Rumor: LG VX-8500 Via Verizon in October?

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Pictures have surfaced of the LG VX-8500, the upcoming black glossy slider phone that will grace the Verizon line in the United States. Part of "chocolate" line, this high-end handset will have a touch pad on the front (not just a circle of buttons), said to be similar to the click wheel on an iPod. Despite its tiny size, the phone will have an internal antenna and is said to have a microSD memory card slot.

Thinly-supported rumors say it will to be shipping on October 7th of this year, but we're thinking that the evidence supporting this consists of the time-of-day and date on the front of the phone in this picture, so that sounds a little shaky to us. Whenever it ships, we're digging the flat front of this phone and its elegant European chocolate design. It's thin-and-small slider form factor is more than likely to be a hit stateside.

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