It's ironic that one of the nights of the year when fireworks are the perfect way to celebrate is also the one night when you and your friends should not be messing with explosives. But with this LED fireworks kit, you can drink yourself silly and still safely put on quite a show when the clock strikes midnight.

Instead of matches, six AA batteries are all that's needed to start the light show. And the five different cones (that look remarkably like real fireworks) are all triggered from a remote control box that lets you fire them individually, or in a preset pattern.


You won't get those satisfying chest-thumping bangs as the light show plays out, but the LEDs in each cone are able to create various colored patterns on a wall. And for just $40 you're guaranteeing you won't burn your house to the ground, and that you'll walk away from New Year's Eve with all ten fingers intact. [Hammacher Schlemmer via Fancy]