Samsung Pixon 12: The First 12-Megapixel Cameraphone You Can Actually Buy

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Fortunately, the Pixon's 12-megapixel claim to greatness, which guarantees you nothing at all except for the industry's largest file sizes, is complemented by some decent specs, starting with a 3.1" AMOLED touchscreen, 3G and FM radio.

Obviously, though, the flash-equipped camera is the star of the show here, and while relentless megapixel one-upmanship is fruitless and annoying, the Pixon looks like it'll be a decent pocket shooter despite its narrow obsession. Touch autofocus lets you choose a focal point with a finger tap, after which the camera will automatically keep focus on its subject. Shooting speed is quicker than average, clocking in at about two seconds per shot. A bevy of online photo services are supported out of the box, and video recording, though not HD, records at a respectable 720 x 480.


The 150MB internal storage is glaringly weak for a camera-centric phone, though I suspect, as is usually the case, that carriers will bundle SD cards when the Pixon finally goes on sale, which will be in June in Europe, and August elsewhere—though not necessarily here. Sorry, Idou! [OLED Info and Akihabara News]

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C'mon, people, this is ridiculous. How about putting the money on better sensors instead of more megapixels? 3 or 4 mp in a cellphone is plenty.

The reason they put this many MP's in a cellphone is so that the technologically clueless customers would buy it, but those are precisely the people who would never need 12 MP prints.

Here's an idea: Put a 4 mp sensor in there, and then sell it as a 4 000 000 pixel cellphone! Because bigger numbers mean more customers.

Someday cellphones will have 12 megapixels with SLR-quality images, but that day is not today, so DON'T FORCE IT!!!