Samsung's Smart Motorcycle Windshield Is Super Simple and That's Great

When it comes to smart new features, car drivers get most of the fun. But a new concept from Samsung and Yamaha promises a simple smart windshield for motorcyclists which could help them stay safe on the roads.

It’s not the first smart display to be proposed for a motorcycle—though many of them have appeared inside helmets rather than on the screen—but this collaboration between Samsung and Yamaha feels like a concept that could actually come to fruition. It’s really rather simple: It just uses a small projector beneath the windshield which pairs with a smartphone to provide some brains. That allows the rider to send automated responses to important calls or messages, as well as checking in on things like navigation details. Other than that, though, there’s little else to it: It’s just large text about a few important things on the windshield. And that simplicity makes it both useful and safe—which seems like a pretty great idea.

[Samsung via Engadget]

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One word: distraction.

Granted, the manufacturers needs these to make things sell for the hipster generation. But any true rider knows his/her ride and road by heart. Even if it’s a tread to an unknown route, a ride still is a mind and body and machine synergy.

Electronic nannies and information overload are the least thing a true rider needs. The most important thing is riding skill and situational awareness.