Sanyo HD1 Camcorder's Video Quality Called "Disastrous"

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The as-yet-unreleased Sanyo VPC-HD1 Xacti camcorder, a small-form-factor HDV shooter that records 720p MPEG-4 high-definition video onto an SD flash memory card, was negatively reviewed by Akihabara News. The reviewers liked the build quality and design of the groundbreaking $800 high-definition camcorder/5.1-megapixel still camera, but called its video quality disastrous.

So what can we say? The HD1 is a mix of good news bad news. The handling and design have been tremendously improved, and functions have been reviewed too, like for example the manual exposure when taking pictures. Nothing but good news... until you start shooting videos, the video quality is an absolute disaster, and nothing like HD video. The same goes for the image stabilizer, that is totally inefficient.

The HD1 is a real disappointment, and we really hope that Sanyo will review this product asap and release a product that lives up to their announcement and our expectations.


Well, that's certainly nothing close to what we had hoped for. What a disappointment!

Sanyo DMX-HD1, everything except for HD, the disappointment [Akihabara News]

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