ScotteVest Version 4.0

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I wasn't going to post about this new update to the ScotteVest line, because, well, as space-saving as it is and all, the ScotteVest clothing line still doesn't strike me as too fashionable (and I'm just picky about clothes like that). But then I saw their iPod video spoof ad, and I have to admit it was amusing enough for me to reconsider. The ad has the same ol iPod shadow dancer twirling about, but then he gets all tangled up in wires. The solution: the ScotteVest, of course.

From what I can gather, the Version 4.0 line is more or less the same concept as previous versions, but with more items; lounge pants, pullovers, hoodies, etc., all having that same ability to incorporate your various gadgetry into a single "personal area network." I'm still not sold on the whole "iPod generation" thing, but hey, if you have to carry a dozen different gizmos around with you everywhere (and we definitely know how that feels), you could do worse than to stuff 'em in your pants. Just be careful not to show too much bulge.

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