Scream's New Ghostface Mask Is Revealed! UPDATE: No It's Not

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Long have we been speculating what Wes Craven's new MTV Scream series Ghostface mask would look like. And now we know.... it's green. For reasons. Behold the new horror. UPDATE: Phew, it's not the mask after all!

For a while ,there was even a rumor that there would be no Ghostface serial killer mask, but then MTV's Senior Vice President Mina Lefevre explained (via MTV) that there WOULD be a mask and that this new mask would be "...a darker, almost more grounded, evolved version of the mask." Lefevre continues:

"It's something we're constantly talking about. How did that mask become that mask? What's its purpose? How did it evolve? If the Scream movie mask was the more plastic version, for a lack of a better description, this one is a more organic looking and frankly darker version."


And now show producer and Scream movie creator Wes Craven has revealed the new look via his twitter account. UPDATE: Turns out this is just another variation of a mask from the company that has the license to distribute these masks. The NEW NEW mask has yet to be revealed. Apologies for the confusion. But can we all say "THANK GOODNESS" together.