Sensor-Filled Umbrella Turns Raindrops Into a Retro 8-Bit Soundtrack

Nintendo may have long since abandoned the Game Boy platform, but it hasn't stopped artists with a passion for retro 8-bit sounds from using it to still create music. Like Alice Zappe, whose love of Game Boy chiptunes also inspired her to create this umbrella that turns rain drops into bleeps and bloops.


The umbrella's canopy is covered with twelve piezo sensors that detect the impacts from the rain drops. And they're all wired into an Arduino Uno which produces a corresponding bleep or bloop played back through a set of speakers. It's a modern take on 'singing in the rain' that doesn't require you to have a good voice, just an appreciation for old-school gaming and electronic music. [ via Hacker News]


Aaron Davis

Nice proof of concept, but those random notes would get really annoying, really fast.

Change the sound to something more like rain on a tin roof, or rain in a rainforest, and people would find it much more pleasant.