"Thats Mine"

I was at my friends place over the weekend and playing with their dog.Suddenly the guy got so possesive about his toy, he just started pulling it back. I immediatly grabbed the opportunity to click a shot.


Camera - Iphone , No flash
Picture right out of the camera, felt adding more filters would just make it worse.

- Shivacharan R. Challuri


LA Skyight - iPhone 5 and Instagram.

I caught this lightplosion on a morning hike through Griffith Park in
Los Angeles.

- David Freid


It was the foggiest day I've ever seen, with the Verrazano shot I had been thinking about pretty much out of the question. Just walking around, this thing caught my eye so I stopped and took a shot. Shot on an iPhone 4, ISO 80, f/2.8, 1/60s. Clarity and Redscale done on Camera+.

- Howard Fung


I work in New Jersey and live in Philadelphia so this time of year my evening commute has me driving directly towards the sunset every day. I had been meaning to stop at the water front to take some pictures of the Philly skyline as the sun was setting and this Friday I was finally able to. Though the cloud cover prevented some of the amazing color in the sky it added some nice texture to the image. I focused on the sun itself to get the silhouette of the skyline.

iPhone 4S
Edited in Camera+ app

- Ben Schwartzbach


My pets are one of my favorite things to photograph! This is Molly – mutt extraordinaire, lover of couch and sleep, human sized. I took this photo with an iPhone 5. I used two apps: Snapseed and Camera+. I had to change the color a bit so I used Snapseed for that, since I can pick one specific area and modify it. I also used Camera+ to get some depth in the picture. Dogs look funny when their ears are hidden...

- Martha Zink


I finally upgraded from an ancient flip phone to a brand new iPhone last week, so this contest was perfect for playing with my new toy. On Saturday night I went to watch my first roller derby, and this is a photo of the Portland team (the red pack) competing against a Seattle team (the team in black pushing them from behind). I still don't have a great grasp of how to make my cell phone photos focus, especially when shooting from high in the stands, and for some reason my HDR-mode kept producing outline artifacts. In the end, though, I think it makes for a pretty cool effect. Afterwards, I used the PhotoToaster app to adjust the colors and sharpen everything a ton.

- Leah Nicolich-Henkin


iPhone 5, edited in Camera+ for white balance.

I just visited Boston for the weekend and forced myself NOT TO take my DSLR to work on this challenge. As a result, I had a lot of photos to choose from and a lot of less weight to carry around, which was great; however, the iPhone camera still sucks for indoor low-light shots, so I did miss my T2i a bunch of times.

I took this specific photo at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, in the contemporary art gallery.


-Diego Jimenez

I took this shot after rowing practice Thursday. Two of the coxswains were meeting. i took this shot when i was walking down the dock to get my sneakers and water bottle.


- Hunter Hall

*Image of guy Shot with- iPhone 4S native camera.
*1st-Man sketched and painted in Sketchbook mobile
*2nd-Circle design in Sketchbook mobile and Percolator(with various effects till I felt it was done)
*3rd-Scratchcam for scratch effects
*4th-Snapseed to sharpen, grunge effect and crop
*5th-Blender to blend with circle design


Story: Saw the guy standing against a wall in a "model-ish" stance. Thought it was kind of funny, so I snuck a shot. I knew right then that I wanted to sketch the shot. I started the sketch and went through about 12 colour changes till I was done. Then proceeded with the random effect process above until my Fiance said it was good enough.

- Eddie Pearson


Ancient Bloom

We have had the most miserable, wet and windy week here in the Bay
Area. Yesterday, in a brief interval between downpours, I went to
assess the damage done to my roses. To my amazement only a few bushes
had been banged about so I cut the blooms and brought them inside and
I got the idea to arrange the fallen petals in the shape of a flower.
I took the photo with my iPhone 4 and used Camera Awesome to edit. A
little Cowbell and the Slide Filter sent my creation back in time and
then the Freshman Frame made a nice finishing touch.

- Georgina Lawrence


Nokia Lumia 920, F2.0, E+2, ISO 800, 1 Second exposure.

It's not the sun. It's the moon. The bright light just above it is Jupiter. In the lower right, you can see most of Orion. A storm was coming in, and it took about an hour to get the perfect break in the clouds. This was taken while I was sitting on the ground, with the cellphone sitting on my knees and held with both hands.

- Greg Wong


I photographed this using my IPhone 4s, cropped it using the native photo app on the IPhone, ran it though Tiffen Photo FX to change the original photo into a two strip color photo (I like the way two color process looks.) Then I used the Retouch app for some creative retouching. and I used FotoTimer to set the interval timer on the camera. I am both photographer and model. This photo was created and edited on an IPhone.

- Marshall Marice


This is the Space Needle on a rainy night near Queen Anne. I used a long exposure as a bus passed to capture the activity and warmth of a cold night in Seattle. Without optical stabilization, I could never have gotten such a steady shot.

Taken with a Nokia 920 at 1/4 second, f/2, ISO 800. Processed in the free Windows Phone app Overexpose. I resized the image to 970px on a PC.

- David Lee


Hipstamatic is my go-to pretty much all the time I take pics with my iPhone5. I post to Instagram (@elpaco313) straight out of the app and don't use any of Instagram's filters. Usually I just shake it to get a random lens/film/flash combo because I like the uncertainty. For this picture I set up an old computer monitor with no LED screen that I have for looking at negatives to be the light source and took some close ups of a couple of my film cameras.
f/2.4, 1/20, 320 ISO (via ExifWizard app)
Wonder Lens, W40 Film, No Flash

Everything on Auto, surprisingly enough.

Plum Island, MA is a favorite photo spot of mine, and my most recent trip (about an hour drive from where I live in NH) wasn't disappointing. I really love the walkways there. I recently discovered how well my phone's camera handles direct sunlight, so I make use of it any chance I get. This shot was taken on the east side of the island, looking west before sunset. I tried a few different exposure/ISO/WB settings, but I like this one the most.


- Sean Gregoire

I'm still plugging away with my iPhone 3GS so I don't get really crisp shots with my phone. I was driving home from work after it had been raining all day and I got this shot of the sun setting with palm trees running down the street. I thought it looked nice on my phone so I didn't do any editing to the shot.
Thanks for the challenge.


Tech info: iPhone 3GS, 1/304, 4/2.8, 3.9mm, ISO 64

- Matthew Johnson


Taken with my Motorola Atrix using Pudding Camera's panorama mode.
The native resolution unfortunately is only a mere 970x523 in this mode, But I really like the end result.
The entire image consists of 3 shots, automatically (and perfectly) combined by the app.
Taken during a walk past the beach early in the morning in southern France where I'm currently on vacation.

- Sander Hilven


I made this photo with my Sony Xperia U at the beach with the application called RetroCamera.
I really love to take pictures of everything with my cellphone, it's so easy!
I also have a lot of different photography app's on my cellphone because I want to try to make a lot of pictures with different effects.
This picture is made on the beach at sunset and it's taken with The FudgeCan effect.

Alana Clemens


I'm a photorapher living in NYC. I snapped this image on my
HTC cellphone.

I love street photography and this was taken in the lower east side. This is one of those "only in New York" kind of scenes. My HTC phone shoots auto exposure but I had the flash manually turned off. If that thing flared up, I'd have a definite problem on my hands.



Taken with an iPhone 5, using the built in camera app, no filters/editing of any kind. It's been raining all day, and I noticed how cool the water looked on the plants on my back deck. Side note, I continue to be impressed with the macro capabilities of this camera haha.

- Julian Isonio


Title: Quarter Quarter
Camera: iPhone 4
App: Camera+

I received this beautiful hands free magnifier a couple of weeks ago as a gift. To test out its magnification strength I held a Quarter in one of its grippers, seemed to do a pretty great job. I forgot all about it for the next few days, suddenly I remembered the giz photo contest the next time I saw it. The first quarter was still being held by one arm, so I propped up another quarter using the other arm. Started playing around with composing the shot, made sense to show some depth (given I had 2 similar objects as the main subjects) and finally came up with this shot. Once captured, the image went through 3 passes of processing using camera+. The first was a Clarity&HDR pass, the second a Sunset&Redscale pass and finally a Night&Fashion pass.

- Krishna Pandravada


ISO 50

I discovered, mostly by accident, that my black, glass stovetop was great for reflecting small photo subjects and at the same time, the two lights on the hood provided near perfect lighting. I propped a piece of green construction paper against the wall to give this egg a nice contrasting background and then snapped a photo with my iPhone 4S. I used Camera+ to take the picture and then pulled it into Instagram to get the look and feel I liked best.

- James Davis


I shot this photo today when I arrived at my parents' house to celebrate Sinterklaas (a Dutch tradition). One of their Thai Siamese cats was sitting in the tree and I thought it could be a nice photo. Turns out that the sun reflected a little bit in the lens (or on my case?), giving it this blue-ish glow as if it's a picture that has been lying in the sun for a long time.
Shot with an iPhone 5, no editing or filters whatsoever.

- Robbert Vervuurt


Here's a shot of the vibrant Mayan girl mural by Belgian graffiti artist Chase on Santa Monica's quaint Main Street. Taken with an iPhone 4; processed with the stock iOS Camera app.

Jeremy Brigden


This is a shot I got while on a spontaneous trip to San Francisco with a good friend of mine. We were rushing to catch the train home and we stumbled across this huge Coca-Cola sign. If any of you have been to San Francisco before, you've probably seen this sign. With the sign all lit up and the sky creating a cool texture behind, I had to stop and take a photo. The photo was taken on an iPhone 5 in HDR mode and I used VSCO Cam and Afterglow for post processing. More photos from the day can be seen on my Instagram @kmper02.

- Doug Smith


Taken with the Standard iPhone 4 camera app.

I was leaving a sandwich/bar in Little Five Points and saw this little guy sitting on the brick fence on the way out. I took a few shots from where I could, but decided to see how close I could get to it without startling it. This was taken right before s/he flew off. I was holding the phone facing me/perpendicular to me and couldn't actually see what was taken till later.

- Dane Sager


I live with friends in sunny Dana point California when I'm not on Campus in Irvine and used the back yard as my inspiration for this shot. Our yard is compiled of a small grass area surrounded by a succulent garden. These succulents change color often and look fantastic. I usually take background photos such as the mountains, sunsets and the beach, so I discarded my usual habits and looked to plants for this set up. I began by picking a bright orange bloom as my subject it is by far the most vibrant of the plants in the yard. I then grabbed my Iphone5 and decided to take a clean photo no filters the simpler the better. I took several shots experimenting with the look from out of focus, to across the yard and I eventually settled on the shot attached, for this I slightly tilted the phone and slowly moved while shooting.
Thanks Gizmodo.

Caleb E. Keith


Took this picture this morning on my iPhone 5 at work in the Australian Outback. Usually such a bright and vibrant environment, it's unusual to see heavy cloud cover, so turning round from my work to see this approaching over a hillside was quite stunning. Edited it with Snapseed to bring a more desolate look to the overall scene.

- Ian Oliphant


I used a Samsung Galaxy S3 to shoot this. I didn't use anything special, I used the following settings: Single shot, exposure value 0, auto focus, black and white, white balance auto, iso auto and metering centre-weighted.

So my friend and I had finished playing badminton at University of Guelph and we had left the building at like 11:10 pm. It was really foggy outside and my friend started taking pictures, I thought it would be funny if I stood beside a tree and tried to look like the slenderman but that didn't happen. So I was about to leave with him until I saw one of the pictures he took(he used a htc phone with a 5 MP camera), it looked sick. So being the professional photographers we were, we started taking pictures in black and white, other modes were ok but B&W was the best. I had a couple of other pictures but I decided to use this one. I had my friend walk up the street and I took this picture.

- Manwinder Sidhu


This was in EXIF:

Make - HTC
Model - HTC Wildfire S A510e
X Resolution - 72
Y Resolution - 72
Resolution unit - Inch
YCbCr positioning - 1
EXIF offset - 148
ISO speed ratings - 74
EXIF version -
Date/Time original - 2012:11:28 12:08:31
Date/Time digitized - 2012:11:28 12:08:31
Component configuration - YCbCr
Focal length - 353/100
FlashPix Version -
Colorspace - sRGB
EXIF image width - 2592
EXIF image height - 1728
EXIF interoperability offset - 334
GPS info - 364
X Resolution - 72
Y Resolution - 72
Resolution unit - Inch

The filter used is "High Contrast" from HTC Galery


Miki was 14 years old stray dog, he was hit by car and now he have 3,5 legs and he live in my house. I walk him in the park 3 times a day, then I sit on a bench and read some local newspapers, giz and lh. Then I walk with him on a grass and take lot of pics every day.


- Dejan Pešić , Serbia

This was taken with my BB bold 9900. I was walking to my car at the end of the day and just happened to look to my left and seen this. I figured it'd make a great background for my phone ( Note the larger white space near the bottom for the app bar). I just lucked out and it was near perfect timing for the picture. All my settings were on auto on the phone camera.


- Clinton Hood