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Siemens is trying out an interesting new way to get feedback on their prototype mobile phones, by giving out models to selected users, setting them up with a blog, and having them document their experiences. If you get selected in the program, you'll get a free model of the same phone you have been sent for testing after it's all done. It's sort of like a public beta test, with the bug logs showing up in public. The plans even include leaving posts from the categories 'Bug,' 'Idea,' and 'Hack' on the product page, even after the phone has launched.

If they keep it completely unfiltered and transparent, it could be a really valuable set of information for new and potential customers. If they don't keep the good with the bad, though, it will just be another 'blogs as marketing' schtick, which would be too bad. I doublechecked and this is available worldwide, not just in Europe.


Be a tester for Siemens Products and blog about it! [Aperto]

Update: Apparently you have to already have Siemens phone, which sort of defeats the point, doesn't it?

Update Update: Official word:

They changed the fields regarding your current phone to not mandatory. It was a mistake. That only European Customers can participate is simply not true. After all, the form is on the international pages. Siemens WILL ship phones to the US.