Sigma Teases Next Foveon Camera, the SD14 DSLR

Leading up to the gigantic photo fest known as Photokina 2006, Sigma teases us with tantalizing views of its next digital SLR, the SD14. The company is offering few details about the upcoming camera's debut, other than it will be rolled out on September 26, the first day of this year's Photokina.

If you're not familiar with Sigma, it's the company that developed the Foveon X3, whose newest iteration is now called the Full Color Capture Direct Image Sensor. First introduced in its SD9 digital SLR in 2002, the groundbreaking sensor uses a special layered-grid technology that separates the three primary colors, offering significantly higher resolution and color clarity.


It looks like the Sigma site is swamped right now, but keep trying and maybe you'll see the teaser animation that reminds us of the countdown hype from Nikon last month when promoting its D80. More details on this upcoming Sigma SD14 as we get them.

Sigma SD14 - coming soon [DP Review]

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