Take advantage of those low rates for SkypeOut without having to spring for a new phone with this Skype Phone Converter. If you're unfamiliar with SkypeOut, it lets you use the Skype Internet phone system to reach any phone in the world. The Skype Phone Converter plugs into a USB port on your PC and has a phone jack on the other side, so all of a sudden your plain old telephone turns into a Skype phone.

Converting the analog signals from your phone into digital signals understood by Skype, all you have to do is hit the star key (*) twice and this converter will immediately activate Skype on your PC. Includes a voucher for 30 minutes worth of SkypeOut, barely enough to even get you slightly addicted, and two free months of Skype Voicemail. Available now in the UK for £29.95 ($55).


Product Page [via über gizmo]