Slingbox Review Round-up

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The SlingBox is SO HOT. Everybody seems to love it and have already created their own personal fan sites. They should maybe write fan fiction:

SlingBox shot his web out against the wall and jumped from the roof. SlingBoy yelled after him adamantly "Why are you doing that? The party's over here!"

"The party is where I want it to be," said SlingBox. The Zorlocks were approaching faster and they didn't have much time...

Anyways—nice design, excellent UI, nice feature list. But don't take our word for it.

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The Pedestrian Slingbox Review [Slingbox411]

More as we find them.

UPDATE - Something else is afoot here...

Jeff writes:

A small company in Taiwan has been producing a streaming video web based product for some time now. I'm watching the Formula 1 qualifications on it now at work! They have a wide range of products listed on their web site at including demo's of their products. Their IP Video 9100A can be had on ebay for about $140 and only measures 3" by 6". It has four video ports and one audio port. Streams MPEG4 and multiple resolutions through it's ActiveX web interface and can be password portected for your protection. They also have products that will turn your electrical items at home on and off over the internet as well! Good stuff!