Smartphone Charging Cables Don't Get Much More Portable Than This

Thin smartphones also mean thin batteries, and carrying a charging cable so your phone can last the day is basically a fact of life now. To make the situation a little more convenient there have been countless keychain-friendly solutions for charging your smartphone, but none as perfectly tiny as the inCharge.

The tiny charger is nothing more than a slim USB connector, a Lightning or microUSB connector on the other end, and a short inch-long flat ribbon cable connecting the two. When not in use the two USB connectors stick to each other thanks to embedded magnets, allowing the inCharge to be easily tethered alongside the keys in your pocket. And while it does mean your smartphone has to sit right next to your computer's USB port for a charge, that's a minor inconvenience to never being without a cable.


The inCharge is starting life through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign hoping to raise $20,000 to fund production costs. To date it's raised just shy of $100,000 so hopefully its creators will easily be able to make it a reality. If you want to claim one for yourself, with an estimated delivery of sometime next month, a $9 donation is all that's needed for either the microUSB or Lightning version, in one of eight different colors. [Indiegogo - inCharge]


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