Smoke Grenade Maker: Don't Be a Dick with Smoke Grenades

Illustration for article titled Smoke Grenade Maker: Dont Be a Dick with Smoke Grenades

Shouldn't this go without saying? No, no it shouldn't—because anyone not in the military buying smoke grenades is probably a dick to begin with.


So, to reiterate: don't be a dick while using smoke grenades. This includes rolling a smoke grenade into a nursing home, putting one in your professor's pants, giving your girlfriend an active smoke grenade for Valentine's Day, serving a smoke grenade for lunch, throwing a smoke grenade at a baby, etc. [Reddit via BuzzFeed]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I always laughed when my brother's airsoft guns would have the warning: "Cock pointing down"

I frequent for this kind of stuff all the time