Sneakers Inspired By Vintage Space Suits Are Back

Although not actually worn by real-life astronauts, 'Moon Boots' were still an incredibly popular fashion fad during the '80s. And 30 years later, designers like Raf Simons are still being inspired by the complex space suits that NASA developed to allow astronauts to safely walk in the vacuum of space.


The two new additions to Adidas' 2015 line have a mix of shiny and matte-finish silver fabrics to give the look of distressed materials that have been exposed to the rigors of outer space. There's also high-contrast stitching, the use of bright gold threads, and faux straps to help sell the idea that an astronaut could strap these on for a stroll across the moon.

And of course, both pairs include machined metal valves that make these sneaks look like you could connect an oxygen hose to keep your feet fresh and airy, even if they're just for show. [Adidas via Dezeen]

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