Sony Internet TV + Google TV Make for a Seamless Browsing Experience

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We all know that the way we view television is changing. In fact, between YouTube, Hulu, DVR backlists and Netflix, most of us barely watch actual TV at all. So if appointment programming is a thing of the past, what's next? You deserve nothing less than the seamless integration of all the content you want, be it Internet, apps or the latest episode of your favorite shows—all on one device. That's why, over the next weeks we'll be looking at all of the game-changing features of Sony Internet TV.


Sony Internet TV is currently the only family of televisions powered by Google TV with an integrated Intel chip. Using a specially designed remote with a full QWERTY keyboard and track pad, you can discover new content effortlessly. Instead of hopelessly pawing around, hoping you'll come across something vaguely interesting on the ol' boob tube, you can use a single button and the Google Chrome browser to search smarter and find exactly what you want online, on TV, or in your DVR or Blu-ray catalog. You can even watch TV and browse the web on the same screen, at the same time,

Google TV is just one of the many features of Sony Internet TV. Head here for more for more information on all of it's astounding abilities, and check back next week when we take a look at it's high powered Intel Atom processor.

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