Sony Internet TV is Smarter on the Inside

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We all know that the way we view television is changing. In fact, between YouTube, Hulu, DVR backlists and Netflix, most of us barely watch actual TV at all. So if appointment programming is a thing of the past, what's next? You deserve nothing less than the seamless integration of all the content you want, be it Internet, apps or the latest episode of your favorite shows—all on one device. That's why, over the next couple of weeks, we'll be looking at all of the game-changing features of Sony Internet TV powered by Google TV.

The thing that really sets Sony Internet TV above and beyond its competitors is what's happening internally. Sony Internet TV offers faster connection speeds, intuitive multitasking, and incredibly innovative controls and apps—thanks in part to the integrated 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Processor. Plus, it's processing power and intelligence ensures crystal clear 1080p Flash video streaming and advanced performance when running HTML5 and Javascript. Add these features to Sony's stunning display, and the intuitive ingenuity of Google TV, and you have a package thats beautiful inside and out. So even if you decide to rot your brain by watching Simple Life reruns while simultaneously RTing Ashton, at least you'll be doing it on a TV that's truly smarter on the inside.

Head here for more for more information on all of its astounding abilities, and check back next week when we take a look at its amazing made-for-TV Apps from the Android Market.