Sony PSP Firmware Update Gives You Remote Play from PS3

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Sony's PlayStation portable (PSP) now has a new version 3.50 firmware update available, letting you access music, pictures and videos on a Sony PlayStation 3 from a PSP wirelessly connected to the Internet. When Sony upgraded its PS3 firmware to version 1.80 last week, one of its key features was Remote Play, giving you media streaming over a network, but the missing link was the ability to receive that content.

In this PSP firmware update, Sony also threw in a RSS Channel Guide for those newbies not familiar with that concept, but the real deal here is that Remote Play trick. It's a bit of a misnomer because it won't let you play any PS3 games remotely on a PSP. Own both devices? Now you can go all-Sony, all the time. Fanboy.


PSP firmware updated for new PS3 features [Computer and Video Games]

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That actually is a pretty amazing step that Sony has made. There is no question that the technology being used on the PlayStation products blows the competition away. However, like most people, I can not afford it. Hopefully Sony will lower the price of the PS3 to $50, and then I will consider making the purchase.