Sony's Latest Action Cam Has an Awesome Wrist-Mounted Controller

So far, Sony's Action Cams have failed to make a significant challenge to the GoPro: the challenger just isn't a better product. But the company bets that if it can develop enough cool accessories and mounts for its Acton Cam line, maybe—just maybe—it'll find its market. And we gotta say, the optional wrist-mounted controller for Sony's latest AS100V action cam is a neat idea.


Most action cameras have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can do some measure of controlling camera functions and footage reviewing remotely. These tiny little things just don't have the real estate for big screens. The problem is that if you're in the middle of doing extreme sports, it might be kind of hard to whip out a smartphone. That's why we love the Live-View Remote that will be offered in a bundle with the camera. Initially, the waterproof controller will allow easy access to camera controls even when the thing is mounted on your helmet.

Otherwise, the splash-proof AS100v is pretty unremarkable compared to its predecessors. A little tweak here, but nothing that should make you want it more than a GoPro. But throw in more cool mounts for dogs and wrist-mounted controllers, and who knows?

The new Action Cam will sell for $300 alone or for $400 bundled with the new Live View remote. Out March.

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