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Sphero, The Open Source Remote Control Ball For Your Smartphone

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sphero is a rubber ball, but because today's kids are too lazy to actually throw, bounce, play with or even pick up a physical ball, it's been updated with full smartphone friendly remote control movement.

The ball is controlled via Bluetooth, with support for tilt sensors letting you have all the fun of ball games without even having to lift you head up off the pillow. Charging Sphero is taken care of via inductive technology, so there's no awkward charger port to break the smooth rolling surface either.


Orbotix, the maker of Sphero, has also created an open API for Android and iPhone and is suggesting it could be used as a 3D puzzle toy where phone screen and real world are combined. [Oh Gizmo! via Ubergizmo]