No matter how many gadgets we have, the most important gadget is a home...and we're looking for one! Still waiting for the housing market to stop being so horrible though. Good thing we have our sponsors to help. Thanks Adobe,, Atari, AT&T, Audi, Bank of America, Belvedere Vodka, Blu-Ray Disc Association, Canon, Casio, Current TV, Dawdle, Evolve Speakers, Firefox, Ford Focus, Gelaskins, HP, Helio, IBM, Logitech, Mio, The New York Times, New York Anime Festival, Nikon, Nokia, OQO, Patron, Project Kuros,, Ricoh, SanDisk, Sharp, Shure, Sonos, Sony Ericsson, Sprint, Staples, SureFire, T-Mobile, Toshiba, TiVo, Vista, Wal-Mart, Verizon and Zune.

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