Square's Card Case App Lets You Pay for Stuff Invisibly (No Phones, No Wallets)

NFC is cool and all but isn't pulling out your phone to pay for stuff just as annoying as pulling out your wallet? Square, the revolutionizer of credit card payments, has a better solution. With their Square Card Case app, you don't have to pull out anything, you pay invisibly.

It's like being a 'regular' and having a tab somewhere. Walk in, grab your stuff, walk out. Does it get easier than that? How does it work? Cleverly, with GPS. The Square Card Case app automatically establishes a connection with their approved merchant once you're within 100 feet of the merchant's business (user opt-in, of course). Once you purchase your things, you just tell the merchant your name and they'll charge your account tied to the Square Card Case. No need for wallets, no need for NFC, no need for exchanging anything. As seamless as payments can get.


There are currently 20,000 merchants who accept Square Card Case but that number needs to kick up significantly. I'm sure it will. We all want to feel like a regular somewhere. [iTunes, Android Market via GigaOM]

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