You Can Now Stream Showtime—Sans Cable—For $11 a Month

The era of à la carte TV may finally be here—ready or not. Today, you can officially stream Showtime over the internet, without a cable subscription, for $11 a month. You can get it through Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, iPod, on a Roku, via Hulu, or through Sony’s PlayStation Vue—another cord-cutting service.

Is Showtime worth $11 a month? Particularly if it’s not the only channel you watch, and might also see yourself paying $15 a month for HBO Now, and shelling out for Netflix, Hulu, PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, or any other number of cord-cutting options? That’s a more difficult question. You can definitely create your own programming pastiche, but it might wind up costing you as much as cable.


But you don’t need to figure that out before you give it a go: like HBO Now, you can get a free 30-day trial of Showtime a la carte to see whether it’s worth your money. And if you do decide to pay, it’s worth noting that Hulu subscribers only pay $9 a month—a $2 monthly discount.

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Standalone Showtime Is Coming In July For $11

Following the triumphant launch of HBO Now over the last few months, Showtime is rolling out a standalone offering of its own. Starting July 12th you’ll be able to watch Showtime for $11 per month without cable.

As with the HBO Now launch, the standalone Showtime will be an Apple exclusive—except it’ll actually be exclusive. Whereas with HBO Now you could get around the Apple exclusivity by simply signing into HBO Now on the web, it appears the Showtime offering will only be available through iOS and Apple TV apps for now. Showtime says other platforms will be available soon.

Note, though, that $11 per month is more than the usual cost of Showtime from providers like Verizon FiOS ($9), Time Warner Cable ($10), and Comcast $10. But hey, there’s no cable bill involved. That’s something.