The World

46. John Williams’ music won’t be used how you think: Since Galaxy’s Edge is a “real place,” not a theme park, the new music John Williams’ wrote won’t just be playing outside. Star Wars music doesn’t just play in the world of Star Wars (mostly), you can expect it on the rides right when it should be.

47. The dianoga has a cheeky cameo: The dianoga, also known as the gross snake creature from the trash compactor in A New Hope, appears in the land. It’s hiding inside a tube above a water fountain and pops out when people drink from it. The tube is filled with what looks like gross water, which isn’t feeding into the fountain but is meant to look like it does.

48. Cast members create their own identities, with parameters: While cast members are encouraged to develop their own unique Star Wars characters with their own personalities and allegiances, they were given certain restrictions. “They’re so incredibly excited they’re making up things where we’re like ‘Wait, wait, wait. hold on there,’” Kerrison said. “You can’t be Han’s second cousin.”

49. The costumes will be a Disney first: For the first time in the history of Disney theme parks, cast members who work in Galaxy’s Edge not only will be able to develop personalities, they’ll be able to express them by picking their own outfits from a curated wardrobe of all kinds of different fabrics, layers, and accessories.

50. Both rides will offer multiple experiences: We’ve detailed the ride experiences extensively in the previous article but an interesting note beyond that is that neither is always the same ride. Depending on how your six-person crew works together on Smugglers Run, the ride will change slightly—and it was confirmed, but not explained, that Rise of the Resistance has different variations as well.

51. Look out for droid tracks: If Black Spire Outpost has been around for generations, odds are there would be droid tracks around. So to achieve that, the team went to Lucasfilm to find the original R2-D2 from A New Hope, got a mold of his tracks, and then transposed that to a device which was spread all over the park to add some authenticity.

The App

52. The app is basically a third ride: If you aren’t riding on one of the two main attractions, Disney hopes you will be using its Play Disney Parks app to have unique time in the park. From the lines to the stores, walkways, and more, the app unlocks new experiences at every turn. The whole thing was built and wired to be interactive from day one.

53. Hack, Scan, Translate, Tune: Those are the four tools in the Star Wars section of the app, and through those tools, guests will be able to do those things around the land.

54. Accept all kinds of jobs: One of the four menus in the app in a job board. There, a huge variety of different jobs (aka games) are available, from ones that take seconds to some that can take much longer. Each will require you to walk around with the app, use your tools, and complete tasks.

55. Keep your head up: Disney doesn’t want a bunch of people just walking around with their heads in their phones. So all of the jobs in the app require you to look around. You’ll be exploring, searching, and then finally using the phone to complete things such as translating text, scanning crates, and more.

56. Don’t worry about wifi: Though you’ll need wifi to download the app, the app’s main functions are all designed to use Bluetooth and location services. You can enjoy them offline.

57. The main game is always happening: Though you can complete jobs on your own (or with your group), the app also has a (still-untitled) main game that’s constantly running. It’s a lot like the popular game Ingress, where people side with either the Resistance or First Order and compete with others in the area to acquire land. The game evolves and speeds up, or slows down, depending on how many people are playing.

58. Everything in the app is also canon: You’re on Batuu, which exists in the Star Wars universe. So any events that happen in your app are actually happening in Star Wars and could, hypothetically, be referenced in other works.

59. Build your rep over multiple trips: As you complete more jobs and tasks in the app, those will save to your app profile. So, the more times you come back to Galaxy’s Edge, the more things you can build up and have to use in other ways in the park. (This sounds vague, we know, but Disney was keeping much of this a secret.)

60. You choose your allegiance indirectly: Everyone using the app will be categorized as either Resistance, First Order, or Scoundrel...but only after you’ve done enough tasks to prove yourself. You’re judged by your actions, not by the click of a button.

61. The app will be updated: Completed all the jobs? Hoping for something new? The app will be updated to keep it fresh, though it’s unclear just how often and how significantly.

The Characters

62. Dok-Ondar is an animatronic, interactive character: Dok, a 245-year-old Ithorian, will always be in his store, moving around, and working in his very own booth. He was designed by Imagineering to be on almost a randomized playlist of motions so you’d rarely see the same actions twice. Plus, if you ask a nearby cast member to help you, they will haggle with him for you.

63: Dok’s responses change based on his mood: Another way Dok-Ondar’s motion is randomized is that he can be either “Happy” or “Frustrated” based on events of the day. That changes the actions he does and the tone of his responses.

64. They needed a pirate: Of all the Star Wars characters that could have been the main character of Smugglers Run, why did they pick Hondo? “We needed a pirate,” Beck said. “And when you need a pirate there was one person who came to mind, Hondo Ohnaka.” He’s again voiced by Jim Cummings from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

65. Hondo is the second most advanced animatronic character in Disney history: Disney has a long history of impressive animatronics, from Abraham Lincoln in 1964 up to the Na’vi Shaman currently at Pandora in the Animal Kingdom park in Florida. And while the Shaman is still the most advanced animatronic character ever, Hondo is a close second, with about 50 unique motions and functions.

66. R-3x has been reprogrammed: R-3X , the pilot of the original Star Tours, somehow ended up in Oga’s Cantina in Black Spire Outpost on Batuu, as a DJ. He’s since been reprogrammed to perform that action and is still voiced by Paul Reubens.

67. There are three hours of R-3x music: Unless you stay in the Cantina all day, you’ll probably hear new music from DJ R-3X. He has about a three-hour loop broken into one-hour segments. Each hour has some similarities, so they aren’t wholly unique, but each hour-long program is different.

68. R-3x’s music is eclectic and new: “R-3X is a radio DJ so he’s pulling music from across the galaxy,” said the executive creative director for music at Disney Imagineering, John Dennis. So while there will be some traditional, John Williams cantina influence, he’s largely playing what Disney thought Batuu pop music might be. For example, when we saw and heard R-3X , he was playing what could only be described as “Jawa Hip Hop,” with a thick beat under all the “Utinnis” you can handle.

Odds and Ends

69. Orlando and Anaheim are almost identical: It’s important to never lose sight that Galaxy’s Edge is coming not just to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, but to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, FL. And, aside from a few things, these lands will be almost identical. “Not every single detail is exactly the same,” Trowbridge said. One example is that “the quality of sunlight is different in California, so the paint and color palette is a little bit different because of the way the lands hit the light,” he said. Also, the entrances are different. But beyond that, when you’re in the planet, it’s almost identical.

70. The props are everything: “In the movie business there’s the line, ‘We’ll fix it in post,’” said the portfolio executive producer for Imagineering, Robin Reardon. “In theme parks it’s, ‘We’ll fix it with props.’” By the time Galaxy’s Edge opens there will be tens of thousands of props specially created for the land, many of which were specifically created only with materials that were available before 1980, to keep the aesthetic of the original trilogy. Sometimes that was impossible, other times it was not.

71. Lucasfilm’s archive was a great resource: In as many instances as possible, the prop department used original Lucasfilm molds for everything imaginable from the merchandise like lightsabers, to ships, surfaces...everything.

72. Everything is set a little higher on purpose: As you walk through Galaxy’s Edge, you may notice many things are a little above eye level. That was done on purpose, in anticipation of it almost always being very crowded.

73. There’s a “Hidden Hidalgo:” One of the favorite Easter eggs for the people at Lucasfilm is that creative executive Pablo Hidalgo’s voice is used somewhere in the land. He’s one of many, many, many Easter eggs hiding everywhere in the Outpost.

The Future

74. Thrawn Alliances was a key moment: There’s a lot of content coming out (or already out) that has scenes or moments set on Batuu; in publishing, that started with Timothy Zahn’s book, Thrawn Alliances. “It was our big coming out,” said Lucasfilm creative executive Matt Martin. “Tim came with a pitch for his book and had a location that already felt kind if like [Batuu.] So it was like ‘I have a suggestion...’ and Tim just got super excited about including this world.” And, of course, that’s just the beginning...

75. The future is already in the works: Galaxy’s Edge wasn’t designed to just be what it is on day one forever. In fact, there are doors and areas you’ll see when you’re there which are already being planned for the future. “We’ve also built in the ability as this land grows, as new characters come on board, as new stories come out, as we see how our guests react to the land, the ability to open new spaces and flex spaces,” said executive creative director for Imagineering, Chris Beatty. “So we built in the ability, in the future, to build the land out more. So we already in our heads kind of know a little bit of what’s next.”

76. There are teases from future films: We were told that somewhere in the park there were new teases, and specifically vehicles, from new films (presumably Episode IX). Whether that’s the TIE Echelon described in my previous article or not, we don’t know. And other things we probably won’t know until after the movies are released.

77. The latest on construction: Though no one was prepared to give a specific percentage of how finished the project was as of mid-February, the head of construction, Walt Smith, said it was “Really close to really complete.”

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