How Black Panther Blends Politics, Culture, and Technology Unlike Any Other Superhero Film

“James Bond meets The Godfather.” That’s how executive producer Nate Moore describes Marvel Studios’ latest film, Black Panther. It’s not the answer we expected, but it accurately describes a high-tech spy adventure, set in an insular world where warring factions vie for leadership. But, last year on the Atlanta set…


Everything We Learned on the Explosion-Filled Set of Transformers: The Last Knight

All the stories you’ve heard about a Michael Bay film set are true. It’s fast, loud, intense and frankly, it’s kind of amazing. Six cameras shoot simultaneously, ranging from 2D to IMAX 3D. Dozens of real Navy SEALS pour out of a crashed ship. Hundreds of live rounds are being fired. Several massive explosions go off.…

The Cast of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Told Us Just How Crazy Things Are About To Get

The fact the set of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is so quiet on a Wednesday afternoon is in direct opposition to the insanity of the show itself. We visited the Culver City set and there was nothing going on in Coulson’s office. Fitz and Simmons’ lab was silent and the common area was deserted. But on the show, which…


Why There's Still a LOT Of Edgar Wright In Marvel's Ant-Man

“It isn’t just about getting bigger, but it’s about getting clever and getting more unique.” That’s what Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said to members of the entertainment press during a visit to the set of Ant-Man. We were there, and learned more about Ant-Man—including how it fits in with other Marvel movies.