Stinky Keyboard Problem

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Reader Matt comes to us with a question.

Don t know if you guys have covered this slightly embarrassing problem, but: After four years of heavy use, my iBook s keyboard area is starting to, well, smell bad. The odor is pretty much what you d expect: sweaty hands, sweaty hands, and more sweaty hands. (What can I say? I m a writer, for gosh sakes!) Is there a product out there that can help eliminate such yucky aromas? Something like iFebreze?

Has anyone out there dealt with the issue of stinky keyboards? What do you suggest? Email us at tips at gizmodo dot com and we'll post the best advice. We're leaning toward putting Vicks under your nose whenever you use your cadaverous iBook, Matt, but that's just us.

UPDATE - Come on, people... this is a laptop. An iBook. I'm assuming he already knows to "buy a new keyboard" but if Matt is a writer he may not be handy with a screwdriver and pinking shears. He's handy with words.


BIG UPDATE - There is a well-documented habit of iBooks stinking up the whole world, apparently. It appears to be caused by the glue in the keyboard. Matt - check this out first. Then read on to read some possible fixes.

Ted writes:

Id recomend useing iso propyl alchol then waiting about 45 seconds and then spray it with some canned air.


James writes:

Why not try a enzyme cleaner like you see for all the pet stains and stuff.

GK writes:

3m 674 or 680 keyboard cleaner will get rid of smells pretty well.

Tim sez:

I have a simple solution to make Matt's keyboard not stink...

Wash your effin hands you grubby bastard.

also, q-tips and alcohol work good for me... when cleaning the keyboard that is.

Rick says:

stinky iBook keyboard? If it's the type that you can unlatch and lift up, do so and lay a dryer sheet under there...April fresh!!

After a hard drive replacement mine had taken on a bouquet like an aborigine's armpit (to quote the Python) and I found that no amount of Fabreezing would cover the stench. Setting a Bounce dryer sheet under the keyboard has pretty much solved the problem as the heat from the hard drive brings pleasing convection currents of flowery sweetness.


Trevor writes:

Baby wipes. I always keep a box nearby so I can wipe down my entire PC once a week. Not because I smell, but because I'm a bit of a neat freak. You'd be amazed at the cleaning power of these little cheap wipes. But before buddy who hasn't cleaned his keyboard in four years tries this, he'll prolly want to pop all the keys off to clean the base (take a picture first, so you know where to put them back).