StubHub Wants to Use VR to Sell Secondhand Tickets

Buying secondhand tickets online has always been a crapshoot, but eBay spinoff StubHub has been working for years to make the experience less painful. The latest idea: VR seat previews, so you can see in advance exactly how much your view will suck.

The idea isn’t completely novel: seat preview websites, which crowdsource fan photos, have been a thing for a while. But StubHub is hoping that good images and a phone strapped to your face will push you over the edge to buy tickets.


The VR system will work for people in the iOS and Android StubHub app. Users will have the option to pan around a 3-D rendering of the stadium with their phones, or if the mood takes them, pop the handset into a VR viewer and get a more immersive experience. The option will initially be available for anyone buying Final Four tickets, or seats at the AT&T Park in San Francisco.

While previewing your seat is an undoubtedly useful experience, I prefer to see this more as a harbinger of how VR tech is going to be used in the future. Forget immersive gaming or new movie formats: virtual reality is going to be much like this reality: upselling brands and products as much as humanly possible.


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