Students Develop Head Tilt Mouse

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At last, a use for webcams that doesn't involve a lonely Friday night and someone named L0litaN1GHT$HADE (it's easy money, so back off). Students at Hansei University in Korea have developed a program that controls a mouse cursor via facial movements recorded by a simple webcam to make computer use much easier on those with physical disabilities. Cursor movement is based on the user tilting their head or pointing with their tongue in the direction they want to go. When they settle on a program or web page to open, the program reads eye blinks as double clicks. There's a little more fine-tuning to be done, obviously, as blinking at the wrong moment could lead to a lot of hassle, but when it's set to go the students plan on distributing it free to Korea's disabled. (Thanks, Sean!)

New Computer Mouse Maneuverable with Nose, Tongue, and Even Eyes [DigitalChosunilbo]


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