Study Finds That Most People Solve Gadget Problems with Hurling, Drinking

This just in! Malfunctioning technology causes anger! That's according to a new British survey, which finds that 73% of people have hurled a gadget in a fit or gage, while 75% admit to swearing or losing their temper. A really desperate 10% admits to turning to booze when their gadget isn't working. Only 10%? I actually find it kind of strange that there's only a 2% difference between getting angry and swearing to flinging your cellphone across the room when it locks up. Is it really that small a leap from anger to wanton destructing and hissy fits? And I'd also like to know what percentage of people who drank when they couldn't get their computer working ended up figuring out the problem and fixing it while hammered. I bet it's a larger percentage than you'd think! How's about you guys? Does malfunctioning tech piss you off, drive you to drink or leave you as calm as pigs in an Israeli slaughterhouse? [Pocket Lint via PSFK]

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