Super Bowl Tech Ads: From Worst to Best

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The best part of the Super Bowl was the Beyoncé half time show. The second best part of the Super Bowl were the commercials. Here are our favorite tech ads, ranked from worst to best.

7. GoDaddy's nerd-on-model makeout was gross, patronizing, and gross. Please don't watch it unless you want to puke. Cringe.

6. What's Kia doing in this roundup? We're not so sure either! But if your tagline is Respect the Tech, you are a tech ad. A pretty uninspiring one.

5. BlackBerry used its million dollars' worth of TV time to show you how fast its new Z10 is, and also that you'll literally light on fire if you use it. Which... great? I guess?

4. Etrade's ad didn't inspire me to save what little money I have, but babies in hot tubs? Babies in space? Sold.

3. Oh, hello there, SodaStream. I see you've decide to explode things in slow motion for us. APPROVED. (And here's the banned version).

2. Samsung spared us from going to the next Judd Apatow movie by giving you two minutes of Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen buddy banter on-screen for free. That sells itself.

1. Who doesn't like Amy Poehler? She did a great job expressing questions most normal people have about technology, but most of all she said "dongle" a lot. Best Buy gets it.

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What exactly was wrong with the GoDaddy commercial?

Oh right, only good looking people are allowed to make romantic gestures on TV.