Sweden Gives Full Control of Official Twitter Account to Candid Masturbator

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You wouldn't think Sweden, land of beauty and prosperity, would have trouble attracting visitors. But the tourism status quo wasn't working, it appears, and the country is now letting ordinary folk run the Twitter account. It's already a bad idea!

Meet Jack. This week, he's in control of @Sweden, the official Twitter handle of Sweden's tourism board. He describes himself thusly:

Writer and marketer based in Stockholm. Has been called fascinating as well as ass face.


We're off to a great start! So, what has Jack, the face of Sweden, been up to? Oh y'know, just normal Swedish dude stuff:

I guess I'm drinking a lot of coffee, lighting my face up with my laptop and hanging out w friends. Oh and, you know, masturbation.

Googling "cool english words"...

Ah. He's also letting out some personal stuff:

Intention: hug my girlfriend. Result: she dropped her glass of juice all over the couch. Chaos ensued.


Ha! Only in Sweden, right guys? But it looks like Jack knows something is going wrong:

Noting that this account has lost about 40 followers since I took over. AM I NOT SWEDISH ENOUGH FOR YOU?!!


No, Jack, no! You seem like a good guy—and to the contrary, please be more Swedish. I can only imagine what @America would look like run by an average Joe from over here—probably nothing but caps locks and Dane Cook quotes. [@Sweden via TNW]