SyFy Prepares To Win Us Over

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With the SciFi Channel's rebranding as SyFy just two weeks away, the network is preparing to convince everyone that the name isn't that bad... even if they have to bribe New York City to do it.

As part of the promotions for the new name for the channel, SyFy will be providing free wireless internet — dubbed "WyFy from SyFy" — at Union Square and Times Square, as well as building something called an "interactive Imagination Park" outside parent company NBC/Universal's Rockefeller Center to include program-centric promotion between July 7th and 12th. The network has also been named as the lead sponsor of the Museum of Modern Art's November-launching Tim Burton retrospective.


Admittedly, if you live outside of New York, this doesn't do a lot for you... unless you're an NBC affiliate, in which case you can enter a sweepstake to win a trip to San Francisco for some Warehouse 13 and Eureka goodies. Everyone else, though? We just have to wait for San Diego Comic Con, where the network plans a "larger presence"... and hopefully some spoilers and teases for the year ahead.

SciFi's rebrand into SyFy officially takes place on July 7th.

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