T-Mobile's Now Letting You Test Drive Its Network Before You Switch

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T-Mobile says it's sure that you will prefer its network over yours, and it says that once people switch over they're generally really happy and don't go back. But, people are afraid to make the jump. So, T-Mobile is partnering with Apple, and will let you test drive a brand new iPhone 5S on its network for seven days before you decide if you want to switch or not.


Basically, you go to the test drive site and order the iPhone 5S (or whatever is the latest and greatest iPhone, going forward). You have to enter you ID and credit card info, but you won't be charged anything. You'll be shipped a phone with a working SIM card, so you can fully use the phone on T-Mobile's network for a full seven days. At the end, if you decide you don't want to switch, you can just return it to a T-Mobile store.

This is actually pretty awesome. Whenever people think about switching carriers the first thing they want to know is, "How good is this new network in the places I use my phone the most?" This gives you a full week to take it home, take it to work, and all the other important places you go and you can see for yourself.

T-Mobile's Test Drive program begins on Monday. Anybody thinking about taking it for a spin? [T-Mobile]


Brent, you should add in the detail that they're letting folks use their network for free as well. Currently all carriers let you change your mind within 14 days but will charge you a prorated monthly service fee. T-Mobile will be putting folks on their unlimited plan and charging them $0 if they return it within 7 days.