Tactiva TouchPad

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We missed the boat on this more than a month ago because we were too busy trying to sketch out our plans for world domination—which fell through at the last minute because Paul had to go to his Grandma's.

If only we had stopped to take a look at Tactiva's TactaPad, which looks like a designer's, or a world conqueror's, dream come true. Way better than a tablet, this pad lets you interact with your computer with both of your hands, allowing for a truly immersive and tactile experience. Not only can you use multiple fingers at once to drag and resize objects, you can also feel unique sensations through your fingers that help you differentiate objects. And because of TactaPad's camera, you can see a translucent overlay of your hands on the screen, allowing for greater control.

But enough talk—take a look at the movie demos and see for yourself why this thing has us drooling. Imagine the possibilities—true creative freedom with artistic projects, videogames where you can freely arrange objects by touch, and finally ridding ourselves from the affliction that is carpal tunnel syndrome.


It's not available for sale unfortunately, and even if it was, it's clear most of us won't be able to afford it (TactaPad estimates retail price to be about $1,000). So I guess we'll have to go back to pen and paper to plot out our ambitious plans for global domination (which really includes nothing more than giving out S'mores to everybody, but we're simple-minded that way).

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