Apple's New Privacy Guidelines May Get Facebook's Awful Onavo VPN Off the App Store

Appleā€™s new App Store privacy guidelines restricting apps that collect data on usersā€™ friendsā€”specifically, the address books of iPhone usersā€”already seemed to be in large part a response to Facebookā€™s sprawling Cambridge Analytica data scandal. But the company could also be targeting Facebookā€™s Onavo Protect VPNā€¦

Porn, Scams, and Terrorists: Which ā€˜Inappropriate Contentā€™ Got Telegram Kicked Off Appleā€™s App Store? (Updated)

Telegram, the encrypted chat app thatā€™s been known as the communication tool of choice for peaceful protestors and jihadists alike, mysteriously disappeared from the iOS app store on Wednesday. According to its founder, Apple claims that the removal was due to ā€œinappropriate contentā€ being made available to users.

Symantec Concludes Just Eight Google Play 'Minecraft' Apps May Have Added Millions to Botnets

In a blog post on Wednesday, Symantec security researchers wrote they had discovered at least eight Google Play Store apps that functioned as fronts for a ā€œnew and highly prevalent type of Android malwareā€ called Android.Sockbot. The apps in question presented themselves as skins for player characters in popular appā€¦