Deadpool Wants to Give You His Snazzy New Pink Suit for a Very Good Cause

Do you think Ryan Reynolds actually sits down in costume for every Deadpool 2 ad spot that isn’t just footage from the actual movie, or is it just some guy in a suit with Reynolds’ voice dubbed over in post? Either way, whoever this pink Deadpool is, he’s got a very special proposal he’d like to share with the world.

DC's Heroes Are Teaming Up With La Borinqueña to Benefit Puerto Rico 

Though Puerto Rico might no longer dominate the headlines the way it did in the days and weeks after last year’s hurricane season left at least 1,000 people dead, there are still countless more people on the island who are still fighting to piece their lives back together. In the spirit of rebuilding, comics creator…

Meet the Cast of Legend of Korra and Help San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum Fund Its New Home

San Francisco’s iconic Cartoon Art Museum is prepping a move to a new location next year to house its 7,000-piece strong collection of historic cartoon and animation artwork—and to help support the museum’s transition, local charity Friends For Benefits is hosting a look back at Legend of Korra this month.