9/24/14 4:20PM

This is why keeping our bee populations healthy is so important. A new study looking at rates of crop dependence on pollinators and global malnutrition found that those areas most dependent on pollinators are also the areas most in danger of nutrient deficiencies, especially in Vitamin A and iron.

7/22/14 2:52PM

Could we feed an extra 3 billion people right now? A new study takes a comprehensive look at where our agricultural resources go and concludes that by changing some global farming practices, including raising fewer cattle and cutting crop waste, we could be feeding billions more a year.

6/25/14 11:20AM

It's a weed whose height rivals that of many NBA players, it's increasingly herbicide-resistant, and it's spreading. The Des Moines Register has the story of "superweed" Palmer amaranth's spread through Iowa which they say could knock out 2/3 of the state's corn and soybean crops if it continues.