Star Wars Rebels Producer Dave Filoni Is Totally Fine With You Shipping Zeb and Kallus After the Finale

Star Wars Rebels came to an end this week, tying up the story of the Ghost crew while also giving us a glimpse at their futures. One moment in particular had Rebels fans playing matchmaker for two members of the team—and while executive producer Dave Filoni wouldn’t give us a concrete answer about them, he was happy…

The Final Trailer for Star Wars: Rebels Is Here, and We Grilled Dave Filoni for Answers

On February 19, Star Wars: Rebels will begin the second half of its fourth and final season, which will hopefully answer all (or at least some) of the questions we’ve had about the series since day one. Now, we have a new trailer for those episodes—and with it, predictably, come even more questions. Thankfully, we got

Star Wars: Rebels' Dave Filoni on Its Final Season and His Future Role in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

After Disney bought Lucasfilm, the first new part of the Star Wars saga they produced was Star Wars Rebels. Early on the show defined what the franchise’s new canon would and could become in a post-George Lucas world. But now, just as the movies are getting ready for their second act, Rebels is ready for its final one.