Star Wars: Rebels' Dave Filoni on Its Final Season and His Future Role in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

After Disney bought Lucasfilm, the first new part of the Star Wars saga they produced was Star Wars Rebels. Early on the show defined what the franchise’s new canon would and could become in a post-George Lucas world. But now, just as the movies are getting ready for their second act, Rebels is ready for its final one.


Creator Dave Filoni Explains How 'The Fire of the Jedi' Is Going Out in Star Wars Rebels' New Season

For the past two seasons, Rebels has been like almost every other Star Wars story: a young person trying to learn the Force, an older mentor, a group of good guys fighting an evil regime, and bad guys with red lightsabers. With season three, though, executive producer Dave Filoni is trying something different—and in…

The Producer of Star Wars Rebels Answers Your Burning Questions About That Epic Finale and Beyond

The second season of Star Wars Rebels just ended, with an episode that had huge ramifications not just for the show, but for Star Wars as a whole. Death! Deceit! New characters! Old characters! Twists! Mystery! It’s the kind of episode you just have to talk about—and we did just that, with the best person possible.