We Asked Celeb Physicist Brian Cox About Flat Earth Conspiracies, the Multiverse, and Ghosts

There’s a growing, bewildering movement of folks who reject the most basic learnings of science in favor of conspiracy theories and hocus pocus—as a science journalist, I regularly get emails from people who firmly believe the Earth is flat, as shocking as that may seem. I recently chatted with Brian Cox, host of BBC…

Why the Hell Does the James Webb Space Telescope Look Haunted?

One of the most powerful telescopes ever built—NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope—is set to make its big debut in 2018. But before it starts scouring distant galaxies, or searching for life around at TRAPPIST-1, the telescope must undergo quite a bit of testing. Apparently, during “lights out inspections,” James Webb…

Banging a Ghost Is a Terrible Idea, and the Lace Crater Trailer Will Show You Why

At first, the trailer for Lace Crater might fool you into thinking it’s a movie about mumblecore hotties enjoying a long weekend. Nope. It’s really about why you should never, ever have sex with a ghost. Turns out there are spooky side effects that a Google search on “std sex with ghost” can absolutely not explain.