The Nerd's Watch: All the TV and Movies Streaming in February That You Actually Care about

In this day and age, a list of what’s coming soon to the popular streaming service is incredibly useful. But often times, there’s just so much filler on there it’s hard to find the geeky things we’ll really want to watch. io9 is here to help as your humble stewards, The Nerd’s Watch. We’ve whittled down the new…

Despite Those Spooky Images, the Second Season of The Handmaid's Tale Won't Be Darker Than the First

So far, what we’ve seen of The Handmaid’s Tale season two has encompassed grim photos that included a bloodied June/Offred (Elisabeth Moss), as well as yesterday’s eerie trailer. But according to showrunner Bruce Miller, the tone of season two won’t be drastically different from what worked so well in season one.

The Next Season of Handmaid's Tale Is Going Beyond the Book—and the Boundaries of Gilead

The first season of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale adapted the classic, haunting Margaret Atwood novel in its entirety—leaving the slate clean for the show to move beyond the novel into a deeper look at the story’s dystopian world. That’ll include something only barely referenced in the original novel: The lands beyond…

It Took an Entire Season for Marvel's Runaways to Live Up to Its Name, But It Was Worth the Wait

Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona’s Runaways comic is rightfully well-loved, and it was difficult to imagine how Marvel could adapt the series as a live-action television show that truly honored the spirit of the source material. But that’s exactly what Hulu managed to do. And it’s impressive as hell.


Handmaid's Tale Actress Thinks Aunt Lydia Was a Scorned Schoolteacher Before Gilead

One of The Handmaid’s Tale’s greatest strengths was how it expanded the book’s first-person narrative into a more detailed world, complete with backstories for some of the lesser-known characters. Unfortunately, one of the most interesting villains of the season hasn’t gotten the same treatment, but the woman who won…

Newest Footage Shows the Runaways Coming into Their Powers and Kicking Their Parents' Asses

The most frustrating thing about the first episode of Hulu’s new Runaways series is that it comes so close to letting you see the kids fully manifest their epic powers for the first time before quickly snatching the moments away as if to say “nuh-uh, you’ve got to come back if you want that.”