One of Michael Bay's Next Movies Could Be the Long-Teased Robopocalypse Adaptation

Elizabeth Banks and James Gunn are reuniting for a new horror movie. A new supernatural fantasy series is in the works at the CW. Shazam set footage shows a big villain in action. Plus, a look at the penultimate episode of The X-Files’ latest season, and Karl Urban still has hopes for playing Dredd on TV. Spoilers,…

The Crimes of the Guardians of the Galaxy, According to Their Pants (and James Gunn)

In the prison scenes in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, our gathered heroes unite first as inmates rather than cosmos savers—with matching yellow prison garb. Their trousers, however, don’t just have a cool spacey design on them, they actually fill out a long list of felonies committed by our not-so-good-guys.

There Could be a Future for More Marvel Films Like Deadpool After the Disney/Fox Deal

Henry Cavill discusses how future DC movies will move on from Superman’s resurrection. Wentworth Miller teases one last return to The Flash. There could be even more flashbacks in Ant-Man & The Wasp than we thought. Plus, glorious new Deadpool 2 art, and more on The X-Files’ return. Spoilers now!

Here's the Reason You Can't Find Some of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's Coolest Easter Eggs

James Gunn is notorious for hiding clever, fantastic Easter eggs in his two Guardians of the Galaxy of the films. Gunn’s always made a point of making the inside jokes incredibly difficult to find, but the director recently revealed the reason some of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's best gags are impossible to spot:…

James Gunn and Other Top Directors Call on TV Makers to Finally Kill the ‘Soap Opera Effect’

It’s commonly known as the “sports effect,” the “soap opera effect,” “motion smoothing,” or “motion interpolation” and it makes sports on your TV look great, while movies look... weird. TV manufacturers turn this setting on by default and all too often it just gets left that way. Now, James Gunn is getting his…