The New Annabelle: Creation Trailer Offers a Reminder That Orphans Shouldn't Play With Haunted Dolls 

The Conjuring universe will soon be adding a demonic nun and a Crooked Man to its firmament—but first, we’ll be getting more backstory on cinema’s scariest doll since Chucky. A second trailer for Annabelle: Creation dropped today, and it elaborates on the girls-in-peril plot we glimpsed in the first spot.

New Footage from Justice League, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman Hits All the Right Notes

“Tone” has been the magic word for the DC Universe since the release of Batman v Superman. Would future films get the right tone, giving audiences a sufficiently fun, superhero feeling to go along with the universe’s decidedly dark vision? Well, at CinemaCon 2017, that answer, maybe for the first time, was “Yes.”

James Wan's Description of the Aquaman Movie Is Both Exciting and Confusing

A “swashbuckling action-adventure”—that’s how director James Wan just described his upcoming Aquaman stand-alone movie. Which raises a lot of questions. What will he be adventuring for? Will he fight pirates? Will I get to see Jason Momoa swinging around a ship with a cutlass between his teeth? Because if I don’t I’m…

The Retooled MacGyver Reboot Adds a Sense of Humor to All the Gadgets and Explosions

It hasn’t been smooth sailing for the MacGyver reboot. We already saw one trailer back in May, which has since been scrapped along with the original pilot. James Wan (Furious 7, The Conjuring)—a show producer who originally planned to helm the pilot, then stepped away—was hastily brought back for damage control.