Marvel's Explanation About Why Avengers Tower Doesn't Appear on Netflix Shows Is Bullshit

I like Jeph Loeb. Nice guy. Knows how to work up a crowd and you can tell that he truly loves working as the head of Marvel’s television arm and will defend it to the death. But when Loeb was recently pressed about some of Marvel TV’s... weaker elements, he balked and gave one of the most ridiculous answers possible.



Sebastian Stan Thinks of Himself as the Jon Snow of Avengers: Infinity War (And Not Because He Knows Nothing)

As epic as the early footage of Avengers: Infinity War is, it doesn’t really tell you all that much about the film’s plot. Sure, we know that Thor ends up with the Guardians of the Galaxy and that Black Panther and the Winter Soldier are going to team up, but it remains to be seen just how all the pieces fit together.

Against All Odds, Medusa's Hair Looks Absolutely Amazing in the Newest Inhumans Trailer

By now, you’ve seen it. That stiff, lifeless red menace that’s come to symbolize basically everything there is to be concerned about regarding Marvel and ABC’s upcoming Inhumans tv series. I’m talking, of course, about Medusa’s hair. Here’s the crazy thing, though: in the show’s latest trailer? It. Looks. Good.