Just 53 People Used the App That Let Cambridge Analytica Swipe Data From Up to 311,127 Australians

The vast majority of Facebook user data that was harvested by Cambridge Analytica came from Americans. But smaller countries are actually better at demonstrating just how big the problem got. Access to just 53 users in Australia reportedly allowed data firms to potentially capture information on over 310,000 people.

Shimmering Disco Ball Launched Into Space by a Millionaire Who Is Totally Not Compensating for Anything

It’s called “Humanity Star,” and it’s supposed to remind us of our puny place in the Universe. Barely brighter than other chunks of metal we’ve put in space, and with an achingly short six-month lifespan, the giant “disco ball,” is more of a publicity stunt than anything else.

Discovery of Extinct Burrowing Bat Tells Mysterious Story About New Zealand

All but three land mammal species living on New Zealand today were brought there by modern humans, beginning around 800 years ago—and all three of those native mammal species are bats. But a newly discovered bat fossil suggests that there may be more species hiding in the isle’s ancient rock. Perhaps the mammal-poor…

Disney's Moana Is Connecting a Generation of Young New Zealanders to Their Maori Heritage

Moana made global history by being Disney’s first feature-length film to center on a Polynesian princess, drawing inspiration from the legends of multiple South Pacific Ocean cultures. In New Zealand, though, the movie’s connecting with local audiences of Maori descent in a unique and important way.

Trump Regime Greeted by Middle Fingers in New Zealand After Dumping Climate Accord

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson landed in New Zealand today during his tour of countries in Asia and the South Pacific. And the people of New Zealand greeted him with a sea of middle fingers. Why did so many kiwis flip off Tillerson’s motorcade? They’re upset about the Trump regime’s abandonment of the Paris Accord,…

Peter Thiel's Spy Connections Under Scrutiny in New Zealand After Secret Citizenship Revealed

The government of New Zealand released Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel’s citizenship paperwork, after it was revealed that he had become a citizen under unusual circumstances. But that paperwork only contains a single mention of Thiel’s global spy software company, Palantir. And New Zealand media are now…