Grandpa had a horse. Father, a horseless carriage. Today —and tomorrow— you will have wings. — Print ad circa 1946 for A

1964: By the year 2014, it is anticipated, our population will have doubled and Congress, instead of curbing farm

An artist's impression in 1958 of the future of commuting: a futuristic monorail to transport people to and from

"By the time the year 2000 arrives, the list of electrical appliances will be endless... non-pollution electric cars on

1996: "IDC predicts that by January 1997, up to a fifth of America's top 500 companies boasting Web sites will have

"The images most of us conjure up when we hear the words 'virtual reality' were drawn against the backdrop of science

Is it beyond the bounds of reason, in view of our recent progress, to imagine that the day is coming when, by touching

"When it comes to the things that people really want in science fiction—like space travel—the simplest things end up

Men such as IBM Economist Joseph Froomkin feel that automation will eventually bring about a 20-hour work week, perhaps

March 1953: A dummy sitting behind a protective shield in a Nevada basement used for atomic bomb testing. The

Fallout shelter originally installed in 1955 for a family of three in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The shelter cost $1,800


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