Every Day Looks Like a Romantic, Cheesy Teen Drama, But With a Terrifying Twist

As a recovering teenage girl, I’m not one to besmirch (non-Twilight) movies made for young women. I saw She’s All That in theaters, okay, I get it. Which is why when I saw the trailer for Every Day, a body-swapping drama, I was intrigued. However, there’s one unexplained detail that leaves me kind of horrified.

Forcing Teen to Masturbate for Police Photos Is 'Obvious' Rights Violation, Court Rules

In the latest episode in a twisting and grotesque teen sexting case, an appeals court has reversed a lower court’s ruling related to the case a 17-year-old boy who was asked to strip, then masturbate in front of police officers in Virginia. A district court previously ruled that the estate of the lead detective, who…