In This Week's Best New Comics, If the Space Ghosts Don't Kill You, the Talking Rabbits Will

As a great agent of vengeance once said (or at least felt, it’s difficult to remember), rabbits are the devil. Sure, they’re cute when they’re hopping about, munching on plant life, and blissfully luxuriating the way prey animals do. But make no mistake—they are dangerous. Also, kind of rude.

In This Week's Best New Comics, the NYC Subway Isn't So Bad and Gender Is an Illusion

Every morning, millions of people across the world crawl from their homes and make agonizing journeys underground through the dark, dank portals we commonly refer to as subway systems. In exchange for money and pieces of our souls, these portals get us where we need to go—and, unfortunately, the prices we pay for…

In This Week's Best New Comics, Internet Trolls and the Big Two Are the Ultimate Villains

You know that feeling you get when someone with an egg avatar slides into your DMs at 3 a.m. to tell you how much they wish you didn’t exist, and you wonder to yourself, “Who the is this person and what the hell is wrong with them?” Of course you do. So do the heroes of this week’s best new comics.

Crowdfunding Campaigns and Anti-AI Bigots Are Killer in This Week's Best New Comics

There was once a time when we all feared that hyper-intuitive artificial intelligence and robots might one day pose a threat to humanity, but to look at our current technological landscape, it’s seeming much more likely that our collective obsession with our phones and the growing gig economy might be what does us in.

In This Week's Best New Comics, Sex and Drugs Are the Only Way to Survive the Work Week

Everyone has different ways of coping with the day-in-day-out toil of working a job, optimistically trudging toward whatever one’s version of a “weekend” is. But for many, to work often means to pour yourself into labor that doesn’t necessarily bring you any sense of joy, freedom, or expression.

The Week's Best New Comics Are Songs of Medieval Queens and Rocking Teens

As much as we all like to fancy ourselves as self-sufficient islands, it’s impossible to really get through life while also enjoying yourself if you don’t have people in your corner who want to see you succeed. Narratively, this week’s best new comics have little in common other than the fact that they’re a testament…

The Queen of England Is an Occultist and Blue Collar Workers Own Space in This Week's Best New Comics

Our perceptions of the ways things are in the real world often make it difficult to buy into the premises of comics set in worlds that, while like ours, are distinctly different. When you think of words like “occultist” or “space explorers,” you don’t immediately associate them with the Queen of England or working…