6 Things We Loved—and 4 We Didn't—About Jessica Jones' Second Season

This weekend we were reunited with the Marvel universe’s best, and drunkest, private investigator, the one and only Jessica Jones. There was a lot to like in Jess’ sophomore season, but there were some things that didn’t quite work for us. Here’s our spoilery thoughts on Jessica Jones season two.

This $59 Sound Bar Is Perfect For a Bedroom or Kitchen TV

This inexpensive, compact sound bar probably isn’t ideal for your main home theater—it’s only two channels, and doesn’t have a subwoofer—but for $59 with the code KINJAOCF, it would be a massive upgrade for, say, a kitchen or bedroom where you’re still using your TV’s built-in speakers. It’s also wall-mountable, and…


Everything We Know About the Timeline of Star Trek's Mirror Universe

Star Trek’s Mirror Universe is one of—hell, the—most famous parallel universes in science fiction history. In fact, it almost has a timeline of its own as rich as the prime reality of Trek itself. So if you’ve been confused by all the Mirror-verse happenings in Discovery—and why wouldn’t you be?—we’re here to help…